Domestic & International Response Corps

Our passion is Life Safety, Incident Stabilization, Preservation of Property -Tenants of ICS

About us



Who Are We?

The Domestic & International Response Corps (DIRCORPS) is a small veteran-owned business. DIRCORPS brings over 130 years of combined experience in Special Operations, public safety, Political/Human Rights Over Watch, corporate business, humanitarian and combat operations, domestic and international disaster and emergency operation training for military and civilians, Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW), NATO-civil military cooperation, Civil Affairs, and leadership development both domestic and international. DIRCORPS wants to make the world a safer place – and therefore it is not about money, it is about helping others. We work closely with nonprofits, governmental organizations, civilian organizations, and individuals one-on-one.

Educational Opportunities

We provide affordable training in a variety of public safety areas, from First-Aid and CPR to Anti-Terrorism, all of which our instructors have personal experience in.  A complete list of trainings can be found by clicking HERE. DIRCORPS also offers customizable training in areas related to international relations, safety in the workplace (OSHA) and at home, situational awareness, and emergency response. Training can be held at our office space in the Avondale/Glendale Area, at your home, at your workplace, or with our remote capabilities, anywhere in the world. We offer discounts to Veterans, their families and relatives, Eagle Scouts, and Scouting troops. DIRCORPS offers extremely flexible scheduling and can accommodate most special requests.


Our many years of experience in a wide variety of professional fields means that DIRCORPS can offer safety consulting for individuals and organizations, including schools, businesses, and nonprofits. We can make sure you are up to code for all government safety and security standards. Consultations are offered in emergency preparedness, disaster planning, career consulting, business planning, safety standards, international travel and safety, transportation and maritime awareness, and more. We combine real world experience and great ability to think outside the box with your skills, resources, and vision.

Additional Programs - Safety OSHA, CPR, BLS, BASIC,  First Aid, Basic, Advance, Wilderness FIRST AID - BSA approved, NRA Programs

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